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3D Printing

Curious About Bioblue 3D?

We make Cool Stuff and this is how we got our Start.

As our story is long and will continue to grow, we started 3D printing and creating amazing things and it all started with a friend, Jeremy, buying his own 3D printer and showing us all the things he could create.  The interest was peaked enough where I, Cory, asked Jeremy to borrow his machine and he gladly gave me the opportunity. 


After 1 month of building and learning the programs I ordered my first machine, an Ender 3 from Creality which we now call "Blue", to start expanding the ability to make more objects. The room was a small office of 8ftx10ft and with the desk and with the 2 printers it was started to feel smaller and smaller so I returned Jeremy's printer to its rightful owner. The need for a 2nd printer even with less space was shortly needed as I don't do anything half way, it's all or nothing, and my list of prints that I wanted to build was getting longer. Before 1 print would finish I already had 3 more things I wanted to build.  

Making products and prints is a slow process with some prints lasting multiple days just to finish the printing process, and I just couldn't wait to start the next project, so in short time I ordered the 2nd machine. It was another Ender 3 who we now call "Red", added to refine and focus on certain aspects that help us make more complicated prints like the ability to print quality lithophanes and learning the different settings on the slicing programs we use to get a more consistent product.

We now have many machines running and always printing day and night with Blue, Red, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, and The 7 all from Creality we started a new way of additive manufacturing with LCD Resin printing.

More coming soon...

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